I was born and raised next to the Mediterranean Sea, in a privileged place full of light and colour, surrounded by a wonderful family

From being a child, I have been able to appreciate the beauty in so many things that other people could not.

In this superficial world, where everything happens too fast and sometimes is so cruel, you can also find beauty in any place and something magical inside every person, we just have to know how to look.

My works are born in the necessity of sharing with the world the beauty that I see through my eyes and my heart

I get excited watching people and knowing exactly in which picture I will turn them into, beautiful and timeless pictures, that can stop time for anyone who stares at them with their colours and textures.

I’m a self-taught photographer, an inexorable defender of the idea that art, creativity and imagination is in the inside and not in the mechanism of a camera. I’m in love with life